Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vegetables...The Good the Bad and the Ugly

So after a weekend in Paris where I ate my way through every Boulangerie that stood in my way, I returned to a week filled with vegetables. Similar to the steak and sausage shoot last week, this was for packaging/advertising (as opposed to editorial). Meaning that the product has to be perfect because the camera gets really close and very personal. We call the food that gets the main focus of attention 'The Hero', it's the pick of the bunch, the Angelina Jolie or George Clooney  if you will (and I know you would).

Me sorting the peas
Yes, Maybe, Definitely Not

 If you thought you had problems with wrinkles, bumps and lumps, spare a thought for peas and sweetcorn. If they aren't up to a stylists cut-throat standards they are literally pushed cruelly to one side. Myself and Sharon searched through mountains of peas, corn, sprouts, carrots and baby potatoes searching for Britain and Ireland's Next Top Veg. We were ruthless in the cull. Making  'Yes', 'Maybe' and 'Face only a Mother could Love' piles, we sorted through the miniature vegetables looking for our 'heroes'. Once our little caped crusaders were selected we arranged them, being meticulous in making it look like they just landed in that position - as a pea is wont to do. A splash of oil and a dash of va va voom later and we had a wrap!
So the moral of the story is - vegetables are like women, it takes a long time and a lot of work to look that natural.

Test shots of the corn

Sharon blotting the peas.

Close up of the rejects. Harsh but true.

Getting the peas ready for their close up

Lily and Zara with the 'Hero Peas'
Lily Markovic and the Leaning Tower of Carrots

Sharon, the Magic Stick and the Hero Corn. Would make a great movie.


  • When you're styling green vegetables always blanche never boil.
  • Brush veg with water or oil to keep them looking vibrant and glossy.
  • Even peas have a good side.


  1. Very funny! Didn't realised that so much work was involved!

  2. Thanks Peggy, glad you enjoyed it!